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Deer Looking Back



Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions offers full environmental services for wildlife and terrestrial ecosystem projects.  From wildlife habitat assessments, monitoring and restoration to building your team’s capacity to participate in these projects, Coldstream has the expertise to get the job done using a holistic and culturally sensitive approach.  Our services include:


Wildlife Services

  • Breeding bird surveys and risk assessments

  • Wildlife monitoring

  • Species at risk monitoring

  • Biodiversity assessments and monitoring


Wildlife Habitat

  • Wildlife habitat assessments

  • GIS mapping and analysis of habitat data and values

  • Wildlife habitat restoration

  • Risk assessments


First Nations Wildlife Management

  • Indigenous wildlife management services, data collection, data analysis, capacity development and training

  • Cultural mapping of traditional hunting and gathering grounds, travel routes and trade routes

  • Support for traditional use studies

  • Wildlife project study design

  • Support and training for Guardian programs

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