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Hand Embrace



Everyone loves a winner!  In business, your confidence and ability to engage your clients can make or break your bottom line. Sometimes all you need is a little support, someone you can turn to that can help get you unstuck and back on track for success.


Whether you struggle with business tasks like managing client lists, budgets and staff, or your goal is more personal, like developing stronger leadership skills, business coaching can provide a stepping stone to greater success.


Alyson McHugh is a Certified Coach with the Professional Business Coach Association of Canada.  As a business owner and a professional biologist, Alyson has more than twenty years of experience managing contracts and dealing with business issues.  She can help you identify your stress points and build skills to manage yourself and your business more effectively.


As part of an indigneous-owned company and rural community, Alyson can also share strategies for building networks and partnerships with First Nations communities and organizations.  Becoming more culturally sensitive and incorporating First Nations priorities, values and perspectives is of increasing significance in Canada and the United States.  Business coaching can help you advance your opportunities for partnership building and networking, and position your company to succeed in a competitive business environment.


Alyson can help you:

  • Feel more confident through mentorship and support

  • Develop Indigenous cultural awareness

  • Address First Nations values and concerns that relate to your business venture

  • Build better partnerships

  • Master leadership skills

  • Develop project management frameworks

  • Improve your business management

  • Focus on communication and networking

  • Refine your environmental mission and objectives

  • Reduce your business environmental footprint

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