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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions is passionate about creating space for nature.  That means we use our indigenous and place-based approach in every environmental management project we take on.  This ensures that our work delivers the best solution for each situation, in each location and environment.  Our services include:


First Nations Environmental Management

  • Indigenous environmental management services, data collection, data analysis, capacity development and training

  • Resiliency planning

  • Climate change planning

  • Cultural mapping of traditional use areas, travel routes and trade routes, sacred grounds, place names, and fishing, hunting and gathering areas.

  • Story mapping and place name mapping

  • Managing indigenous and traditional food sources

  • Ecosystem and environmental study design and project management

  • Support for Guardian programs



  • Sustainable forest management

  • Forest & range evaluation program (FREP) assessments

  • Biodiversity assessments, including species at risk

  • Riparian assessments

  • Breeding bird surveys

  • Wildlife habitat assessments

  • Regulatory compliance assessments

  • Ecosystem and landscape planning



  • Developing community FireSmart programs

  • Wildfire risk assessments

  • Biological support for wildfire fuel reduction

  • Wildlife monitoring and risk assessment in relation to fire

  • Breeding bird surveys

  • Species at risk assessments

  • Web-based tools


Impact Assessments and Mitigation

  • Risk assessments

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Environmental mitigation

  • Habitat restoration and reclamation

  • Biodiversity assessments and monitoring

  • Construction and environmental management

  • Riparian risk assessments


Environmental Planning

  • GIS mapping, UAV and topographic tools

  • Mapping and spatial analysis of habitats, tenures, infrastructure, and values

  • Environmental study design

  • Ecosystem services and natural capital assessments and monitoring

  • Ecosystem and environmental web-based tools and apps

  • Water quality monitoring and stream flow assessments

  • Fish and wildlife services

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Featured Project:
Resiliency Planning with FireSmart

Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions can help local communities work with their local FireSmart representative to complete home fire risk assessments, create neighborhood FireSmart plans and apply for funding for fire risk reduction actions.


FireSmart is an organization that develops resources and programs designed to empower communities in becoming resilient to wildfires across Canada. Funding can be used for events to increase FireSmart awareness and reduce ignition hazards within the community. 


Visit our FireSmart community support page for more details on our services.

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