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Contest Information



Thank you for supporting CNBS's first Chinook Salmon art contest!  Your art will raise more awareness of the important work we are doing together in the Bridge River to recover chinook and other salmon populations.


Thank you for your submissions! Due to COVID restrictions please send digital image(s) of your art submission to:  All contest entries will be contacted to confirm receipt.


Please include in email: 

  1. Full Name

  2. Contact Information: email and/or phone number

  3. Age (& note from parent providing consent to enter contest if you are under 18)

  4. Description of Art (if you'd like to submit the art with one)

  5. Indicate type of art, for example: digital, physical painting, poem, video, etc.


If it is a physical piece a representative from Coldstream or Xwisten Lands will be in touch to pick up the art submission soon.

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