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Ecosystem Restoration and Remediation

Ecosystem Restoration and Remediation

At Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions we know that sometimes nature needs a helping hand to repair the damage that has been done more quickly than just waiting for natural regeneration to occur.  We work with natural systems to restore and revitalize ecological services that have been damaged through industrial actions, pollution, habitat destruction and neglect.


We use a place-based approach to ensure that the actions we recommend and implement are suitable both for the area itself and for the project objectives.  We can do this work for you, or build your team’s capacity to engage in restoration and remediation actions.  Our services include:


Environmental Impact Assessments 

  • Risk assessments

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Biodiversity assessments and monitoring

Impact Mitigation and Project Support

  • Environmental mitigation

  • Habitat restoration and reclamation

  • Riparian and wetland restoration

  • Tree planting services and training

  • Growing Canada’s Forests project support


Industrial Site Remediation

  • Site monitoring

  • Construction and environmental management

  • Mitigation and restoration planning

  • Mine site reclamation


Environmental Planning

  • GIS mapping, UAV and topographic tools

  • Mapping and spatial analysis of habitats, tenures, infrastructure, and values

  • Environmental study design

  • Ecosystem services and natural capital assessments 

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Ecosystem and environmental web-based tools and apps

  • Water quality monitoring and stream flow assessments

  • Fish and wildlife services


First Nations Environmental Management

  • Indigenous environmental management services, data collection, data analysis, capacity development and training

  • Resiliency planning

  • Climate change planning

  • Cultural mapping of traditional use areas, travel routes and trade routes, sacred grounds, place names, and fishing, hunting and gathering areas.

  • Story mapping and place name mapping

  • Managing indigenous and traditional food sources

  • Ecosystem and environmental study design and project management

  • Support for Guardian programs

  • Team building and training

  • DFO’s Aquatic Habitat Restoration Fund project support

  • Support for projects under the  Federal programs like the Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (AFSAR)

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