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About Us

Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions was founded in 2019 by the founder of Coldstream Ecology and a few community members from Xwísten, with the aim of providing nature-based solutions to support Indigenous and local communities across Canada and the United States.  Through our unique lens, we specialize in creating win-wins for communities, people and nature; and for industry and the environment.


Our Mission

To Create Space for Nature, in everything we do! Across our services, we are committed to including the benefits nature provides to the world in the research, monitoring and technical solutions and tools we provide to our clients. Nature knows best!


We are growing diversified team of environmental experts, who are passionate about making a difference in the environment that you depend on. Interested in joining our team? We are always looking for people who want to make this world a better place. Please contact us!

Our Team



Owner/Managing Partner, Senior Research Biologist 

Alyson has two decades of environmental consulting and scientific research experience across North America from the high Arctic to the desert Southwest. She sees it as her mission to employ win-win strategies that enhance the environment we all depend on. She has a broad ecosystem-based background and tends to look at the world with more of a holistic worldview than traditional discipline-specific scientists. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Management and a Master of Science in Sustainable Forest Management. She is a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) in British Columbia, Canada, an Associate Wildlife Biologist in the United States, and a Certified Permaculture Designer (CPD). 



Owner, Indigenous Fisheries Expert

Elijah Michel is a senior environmental field technician. He brings over two decades of fisheries and environmental monitoring expertise within the Fraser, Bridge and Seton watersheds to the team.



Owner, Project & Construction Manager

Bradley Jack is a co-founder of Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions, and the administrator of Xwísten, Bridge River Indian Band (a St’át’imc Nation community). He is the construction manager and a Director of Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions. Bradley has several decades of experience working as a project manager in the Fraser and Bridge River watersheds and works closely with the search team to guide and direct all operations.



Senior Research Biologist 

Melissa is a broadly trained biologist with over 15 years of experience working in academia, with government, and with First Nations/Tribes. Her expertise lies in fisheries ecology, genetics, and the application of genetic tools to fisheries research, conservation, and management projects. In recent years, Melissa has collaborated with researchers and resource managers on evaluations of restoration programs for at-risk salmonid fish populations in Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and in eastern Canada. Melissa joined Coldstream in July 2019 as Senior Fisheries Biologist.

Melissa is passionate about research and its communication and has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and technical reports,; a complete list of her publications can be found here:



Senior Research Forester 

Nick's areas of expertise include fuels and fire management, urban forestry, First Nations Specific Claims, cartography and geoprocessing, and forest engineering and timber cruising. Nick holds a Master of Science degree from the University of British Columbia. In addition to practical forest management, Nick's areas of research have included biomass energy, fire management, forest law, and fuel management.

sean pic.jpeg


Ecosystem Restoration , Senior Advisor

Sean Bennett has been working in the fish and wildlife biology field for over 25 years, and has recently left the Federal Government of Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans as the Senior Restoration Biologist after 21 years in that position. He has extensive river restoration, monitoring, and project management experience with a specialization in estimates, permitting, scientific monitoring, dewatering, and working within sensitive environments. He is excited to be part of the private sector and looks forward to assisting clients with Government permitting and regulation management, monitoring of projects and instream construction.



Junior Research Biologist 

Carley Wall comes from a variety of biological disciplines including aquatic ecology, conservation and environmental physiology. Carley has spent both her academic and professional career studying fish in both field and laboratory settings. She conducted her Master of Science degree at the University of Alberta focusing on the metal acquisition and handling of Pacific hagfish, which involved remote field work experience along the Vancouver Island coastline. She has also worked as a fisheries technician with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, conducting field work related to biological sampling of Pacific salmon with the Nuxalk First Nations in Bella Coola, British Columbia. She has worked on various salmon habitat restoration projects, focusing on invasive species management and stream bank stabilization. 



Research Biologist 

Brett completed his Masters at SFU and BCIT studying Ecological Restoration where his focus was on restoration and connectedness of breeding wetlands for at-risk western chorus frogs. He has worked as a wildlife biologist for five years and is experienced in the implementation of avian, bear, small mammal, reptile/amphibian, and fisheries surveys. He is also experienced in water quality and construction-related environmental monitoring. He has implemented a number of restoration projects on wetlands, streams and riparian areas, forests, and grasslands. He also has experience in invasive species management and has used a variety of methods to control them. 



Project Manager & Research Biologist 

Vroni has a background in biology that ranges from birds to honey bees and she is excited to join a team of experienced fish and wildlife biologists. She has a Biology Diploma from Germany and a PhD from Simon Fraser University Canada. Vroni has over 9 years worth of experience in behavioral biology, entomology, and the Earth's magnetic field, and has authored numerous peer reviewed publications. After her academic time in Canada, she moved back to her home in Germany working as a study director for a company that specialized in ecotoxicology. During this time, she was studying the effects of plant protection products on honey bees as a part of their registration process for Europe. 



Research Technician

K̓alhwá7l̓ap Nsnek̓wnúwa7. Mistiy Diablo nskwátsitsa. Xaxli’pmeckan. Mistiy is very passionate about her culture and traditional fishing. Every summer from childhood she has been fishing with a dipnet with her family along the Fraser River. Mistiy has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Thompson Rivers University where she studied Animal Biology. Mistiy also has field experience in fish identification and sampling, as well as streambank and fish habitat restoration. She is excited for her new chapter and helping the “tmicw”(earth).



Human Resources & Operations Assistant 

MaryAnn joined Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions in 2019, and assists in the operations of the company. 

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