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Nature-Based Solutions


We offer a wide range of environmental consulting  services


We are an Indigenous-owned environmental research and consulting company


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Combining Our Indigenous and Science Expertise, We Create Space for Nature in Everything We Do!  


Who We Are?

Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions is an Indigenous-owned environmental research and consulting company. Based in Lillooet, British Columbia and the St’át’imc Nation, we provide ecosystem management support to Indigenous communities, businesses, and governments across Canada and the United States. Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions assists communities in the application of robust science, innovation, and technology, combined with traditional local knowledge to monitor, understand, protect, and restore their environment.  

Our Unique Approach

As an Indigenous-owned business, Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions understands the need for community safety and protection of the ecosystems they depend on.

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Working Directly with Community Members

We first aim to understand the environmental risks that are significant to your population, and any concerns you have about the environment or proposed projects in your area. Using approaches tailored to each community, we provide a variety of nature-based solutions, including Indigenous monitoring programs, salmon recovery planning and implementation, and critical indigenous-led habitat restoration works and reclamation programs to enhance the environment you depend on. 


Coldstream develops web app storytelling: community specific and privacy controlled web applications for effective communication and information sharing through a storytelling lens. We display environmental monitoring data in a simple, interactive way that engages community members and governments.

Environmental Capacity and Training Programs

We build capacity and support community participation in decisions that affect their environment.  Training is offered to ensure environmental work is sustainable beyond the length of the project so that communities can protect their environment for years to come.

Investing in Environmental Monitoring and Stewardship

We leverage our services, and our profits, to help fund and support critical restoration work and community participation in local stewardship activities.

Our Highlighted Services

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Salmon Recovery Technical Services

  • We work with community experts to assist in the development of technical strategies for fish and salmon recovery, based on the needs of each community we serve

  • We conduct technical data collection and analyses to inform salmon recovery planning, in partnership with local communities

  • Coldstream’s expertise in salmon recovery is critical to this work.


Robust Indigenous Monitoring Programs

  • We help communities develop and implement scientifically robust, technical indigenous monitoring programs

  • Our focus is on fish, wildlife, aquatic and terrestrial habitats important to communities.

  • We also help develop baseline data collection protocols targeted at community concerns


Fish and Wildlife Monitoring & Habitat Mapping and GIS

  • We work directly with communities to train members in environmental monitoring to ensure the effort is sustainable by individual communities, well after the specific project or program ends.

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Habitat Restoration and Reclamation

  • Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions uses UAV technology to create 3D habitat and ecosystem mapping tools for critical salmon and wildlife habitat restoration as well as mining reclamation projects.

Contact Us

Contact Us

PO Box 1654, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0


(250) 256-0637 (250) 256-8960

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